About Us

M M Corporation is a dynamic and research-based activated carbon company with a special emphasis on quality and customized solutions. We manufacture high-purity powdered activated carbons of 100% natural origin. Our manufacturing facility spread across 9000 square metres is 40 kms from New Delhi, national capital of India, on main National Highway 2 along the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). Our strategic location also helps us in getting better access to high quality soft woods, predominantly found in North India only.

Since our activated carbon products are derived from soft wood only, they assure greater purity and superior performance through higher surface area & more pore volume per gram than any other raw material alternatives like coal or coconut shell.

We serve a niche and globally-diversified customer base across various industries having a penchant for quality.

We are committed towards providing genuine and cost-effective options thereby promoting the cause of better health and cleaner environment.